Hey! My name is Grace. I like to write and by write I mean scribble down three paragraph stories on napkins. I really like batman even though you may not see it.


Soooo… i made a Johnlock poem…

I found my fate on a hospital rooftop.

My pride was faltered by his cocky grin.

My logic discovered the flaw in his plan.

My wit was no match for the bullets of steel.

My love stood on a ledge and called.

My fate told lies then jumped.

A man ran across a busy street,

My fate thrown out across the cold concrete,

Perhaps it was because the man believed so fate stepped in to prove him wrong.

The man came to fate on the side of the road heart broken, mouth a little open.

He fell into depression, the man, and wouldn’t come out because all the kings horses and all the kings men could put fate together again.

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